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Blu-ray Review: In The Loop

So my sweetie-wife and I came across this film, In The loop, when a trailer for it appeared on the blu-ray of Dog Soldiers. The trailer grabbed us and we just knew we had to see this movie.

In The Loop is the story of a build-up to war in the middle east my the USA and Great Britain, but rather than tell a serious tale dealing with Presidents and Prime Ministers this film is farce and centers on the middle management civil servants and elected officials.

The cast is primarily British and unless you follow Brit Tv most of them would be unknown to you. (The phrase in the image to the left should be delivered shouted and in a heavy Scottish accent for full effect.)

There are people trying desperately to stop the up coming war and others equally committed to seeing it realized. If you are humorless when it comes to your recent events and politics then you might want to give this film a pass. However if you can let go of your personal politics and enjoy the madness of rampant cursing Scotsmen, bewildered MPs, conniving suck-ups, General more Political than Military and back stabbing office politics then give this blu-ray a spin.

I was disappointed that there were more bonus features, though the 28 minutes of non-stop deleted scenes were a treasure.

After the cut — the trailer.

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Where does a person’s rights really begin?

This is of course the classic question in the abortion debate. The prochoice side generally selecting some moment after concept and sometime only after birth for considering the unborn to have right and with the right-to-life side generally selecting some point before birth or right at conception.

I am not going to debate the merits of either side here. Abortion is a topic on which very few minds are capable of being changed. What I want to do is take the idea that the unborn have rights and play them back within our new understand of human biology. Continue reading Where does a person’s rights really begin?


Health Care Reform 2010

So today is the day when we find out if the Democrats can manage to pass their Health Care Reform agenda. As I write this the vote is scheduled but has not yet been taken and so here are a few of my final thoughts on this. Continue reading Health Care Reform 2010


Is John McCain a vampire?

It has occurred to me that we might want to ponder the question; Is John McCain a vampire?

Let’s consider the interesting coincidences.

Vampires are hard to kill: John McCain has proven to be very difficult to kill. Over the course of his naval aviator career McCain survived five crashes, to of which were incidents where he aircraft was hit by missiles. He survived all of those events. (It is interesting to note that the fourth incident on the USS Forestal was a Zuni rocket from a friendly craft misfired and hit the plane John McCain was it. An accident? or did someone suspect he was a vampire?)

Even after surviving the fifth incident where he was shot down by enemy fire and severely wounded after ejecting, John McCain proved to be inhumanly tough. Surviving an enraged mob, and years of torture and mistreatment at the hands of a ruthless enemy.

Vampires do not tolerate sunlight well: John McCain is well known for his devotion to sun block and wearing of hats outdoors even on cloudy days. Despite this is has had two brushes with skin cancer. Again he’s tough to kill and clearly does not tolerate sunlight well. (I will point out that not all vampire explode in sunlight. Dracula in the novel of the same name ventured out in sunlight, it robbed him of his powers.)

Vampires have an unnatural ability to charm people: Clearly John McCain has supernatural charming power. He has survived political scandals that would have sunk others, yet he continued to win the loyalty of his voters. In 2008 when serious conservatives vowed not to vote for John McCain, they were strangely effected by election day and cast their votes for a man they despised.

Vampires survive by taking life force from others and extending their own lives with it: McCain second life as a politcian has been fuel by his younger wife’s Beer fortune. Clearly he has extended his life with her blood money.

But perhaps the most troubling thing and best evidence that John McCain is a vampire.

John McCain has no soul.


Doctor Murdered

Breaking news today of an abortion providing doctor shot dead while at his church. It’s terribly that there are those who when they feel powerless strike out with violence and vengeance. I expect that for at least the next two years, and maybe longer, we will see an uptick in this sort of right-wing terrorism. I am not saying that because I think the right is more prone to terrorists acts than the left. Eco-terrorists and animal rights activist as engage in terrorist activity to promote there causes. While I do not have the data at my finger tips I would not be surprised to to find that the left-wing terrorist actions spiked from 2000-2006. During that time the congress, both houses, and the executive were controlled by the conservatives. The extremist faction on the left feeling powerless and helpless before their enemies would then become more prone to violent action. I think the same dynamic is at work now, but on the right. the Liberal control the congress, both houses, and the executive. the extremists on the right are going to feel powerless and under attack. That is a recipe for violence. We should not condemn everyone on the right or everyone everyone who feels that abortion is not a right. (That does NOT include me. I feel it is a right protected by the 9th amendment.)