Writing update

First the sad news, though in the scheme of things is not very sad, my mystery story “A Question of Justice” is failing to launch. I’ve gotten several hundred words into the story and I can feel that I am on the wrong track. I can’t see what the right track is, but I know I am not on it.
On the upside, my novel “Command and Control” is working. It has taken me a bit of work to get back into the rhythm of writing, and as anyone who knows me can assure you rhythm is not my strongest trait. Thursday night I managed to complete a 1st draft of the opening chapter. It surprised me by coming in at a whopping 32 pages. That’s a very large chapter for me. I may let some people read just the chapter for early feedback.
Because it was written with Scriveners and that ahs changed my approach in a mechanical sense, I’m not sure how much of a content and stylistic change it might have effected in my prose.
Still, I am very happy with the direction to novel is taking and unlike the short story I feel entirely comfortable with its trajectory.