Pitching Cawdor

So here are my first, and pitiful, attempts to find a way to pitch my newest novel.

As a military officer, Major Gloria Manning has never directly seen combat. The war between her people and the Grand Unified Compact has been a war of limited engagements fought by highly principled and religiously adhered rules. On Cawdor all that changed. The Rules of War have been cast aside and Gloria is discovering that not all enemies wear different uniforms. A terrible secret lies on Cawdor and Gloria finds herself surrounded by chaos and treachery. Unless she can unlock Cawdor’s secret all of humanity may be plunged into genocidal warfare.

Majors Evelyn Sistari and Gloria Manning have every reason to distrust each other. They are enemies is a decade spanning war. Their cultures, though both human, are so different as to make them alien to one another. Now, trapped on the dying planet Cawdor, treason, murder, and madness threaten not only the two officers, but the wider war. Cawdor will test their loyalty and their sanity.

For Major Gloria Manning duty on Cawdor should have been a dull affair without opportunity for advancement. Then the Grand Unified Compact invaded. Suddenly she found herself a paroled officer, bound to the orders of the invaders. Torn between following the lawful rules of war, or fighting the increasing irrational invaders, Gloria must discover the truth hidden on Cawdor. A truth so terrible that even her people could be offered up as a sacrifice to protect it.

Major Gloria Manning never found it difficult to be loyal. She served in a professional and motivated military that scrupulously followed the rules of war. Her culture was the first truly rational culture in human history, dedicated to the flowering of humanity across the galaxy. The planet Cawdor destroyed her idyllic life. Trapped with an enemy force twice the size of her own, Gloria is forced to work with an irrational and unpredictable enemy to survive. When treason and assassination become to rule of the day, Gloria learns that not all enemies are easily known.

When her units surrendered to the enemy, Major Gloria Manning thought her career over. Trapped on a dying world, Cawdor, the star-gates inoperative, she expected nothing more than either imprisonment or death. That was before an assassination thew the allied forces into chaos. Embroiled in a plots of mutiny, madness and murder Gloria discovers that Cawdor harbors a secret that threatens all of humanity. Can she discover who her true allies and enemies are before time runs out?

Major Gloria Manning always supported the war. She never doubted that the Celestial Renaissance Cooperative was the salvation of a fragmented humanity scattered across the galaxy. Now after a surprise attack has left her forces trapped on the dying planet Cawdor Gloria begins to doubt. Tangled in a web of lies, mutiny, and murder she must discover the truth. One that reveals that the enemy is not always who you thought.


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