I have never been to Vegas

Since 1982 I have lived here in San Diego, but I have never taken a weekend in Las Vegas. Principally because that sport of activities that ones goes to Vegas to find do not interest me.

I have never been a gambler and I do know know the game well enough to make me anything other than a mark.

However, next month I am taking a weekend in Las Vegas. I’m going to do two things I have always wanted to do.

First, I am going to catch a show by a singer I like. (Sheena Easton. I like 80’s Pop so sue me.)

Secondly, I am going to go to a firing range and by rental, fire a machine gun. I have shot a number of different firearms over the years. (Owned two for  short while but I am not a collector and I wisely sold them off.) Living in California means I live in one of the most gun-controled states of the union so I could never get the chance to fire a fully automatic weapons here. Nevada is a different story. Frankly if for no other reason than to write about them more competently, I would do this, but  I want to do it as well.

I have made the room reservations and now I only wait to find out if a friend I asked along can go. (It’s really up to how much work he will have. I do hope he can come, such things should be more fun in groups.)


One thought on “I have never been to Vegas”

  1. May I recommend another show? Look up “Matt Goss”. He’s a singer – sort of blues-y and a very good voice. He was on one of the New Year’s Eve specials this last year and I know one of his dancers (First name – Tala. She danced with my teacher years ago and is very good.) To me, the shows are the reason to go to Vegas, not the gambling. I tried gambling once (aside from the ocassional lottery ticket) and I can’t do it. I just can’t give people my money for nothing. (It was slots, by the way.) I am so thrilled you get to see Sheena Easton! I like her stuff too!

    I can’t wait to hear the report of the first time you fire a machine gun!! I shot a re-tooled AK-47 just after college. You really doo have to struggle to control where the shots go. I have less upper body strength than you so it will be interesting to see if you have the same experience.

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