A successful night

Tonight was the third meeting of the Mysterious Galaxy Writers Support Group. We have not had a large die-off yet and I think perhaps we may not. In fact we picked up two new members tonight. (One is currently writing a collection of Orcish poetry. He read a few and we all really enjoyed them.)

For the first time ever I read out-loud a piece of my own work. I have workshopped stuff before, but I have never stood and read. Yesh I stammered and barely got through it all. (I only read five pages — we have a time limit otherwise I would be there still.)

My work was well received and I was quite happy for that. I also got some really good feedback on where it was weak, and since this is the opening of the story that is important.


3 thoughts on “A successful night”

  1. Your work is really strong — was a pleasure to hear it, and I’m really anxious to read the rest of the story. I hope you’ll upload it on the wiki!

    You probably felt you sounded more stammery than you did. It really did come across fine.

  2. It takes a good bit of practice to read something well out loud. I have a great deal of practice in teaching and I still have days where my tongue twists all over itself. This makes me appreciate really good news anchors. There job is NOT easy and they earn their pay.

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