One thought on “Movie Trailer Of The Week”

  1. While this trailer has promise (the Romans look GOOD!!), I’m afraid my geek credit must show as I saw several glaring errors. I’ve seen some period drawings of the overlapping shield manuver that was one of the techniques that made Rome famous. It was not correctly executed in the trailer. The manuver calls for overlapping shields over head as well, creating a “turtle” appearance. It is a VERY strong defense. The second thing (and I HATE this) is that unless they are referring to Boudica, and the time period is off by 50-60 years, the celts did not have women in battle. Even Boudica only went into battle after the EXTREME provocation by Paulinus, raping her and then her virgin daughters in front of her. The Celts were civilized and did the smart thing – kept the women off the battlefield whnever possible. (They did this in one of the Arthur movies too. Hated it then, too.) Why can’t they get this stuff right? It isn’t like it is difficult or obscure. What remains to be seen is if this is enough to throw off my ability to suspend disbelief.

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