A moment from last night’s D&D game

So Twice a month I run a D&D (3.5, not 4.0) game. This particular campaign has been going for something like five years now and is about the reach its conclusion.

I just wanted share my favorite moment from the game last night.

The characters were having breakfast in a besieged Dwarven city under the mountain. From the kitchen they heard a violent disturbance. At once they sprang into action and one, a barbarian,  of the characters rushed to spot next to the kitchen door. A moment later a woman wielding two bloody scimitars came through, the barbarian swung and player confidently announce his roll to hit was a 37. (For those who do not play you general a number between 1-20 and add you modifiers to determine you roll to hit, 37 was an exceptionally high number to generate.)

The player was confident he scored a hit and I throughly enjoyed the look on his face when I announced, missed.

He turned to the others and said something along the lines of, “Oh, we’re in trouble.”


One thought on “A moment from last night’s D&D game”

  1. Definitely and “oh, crap!!” moment. Of course, what fun is a game if everything is easy all the time?

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