A well made suggestion

So, my friend Bear suggested I try the Comfortgel mask for my CPAP therapy. After much heartache with Apria healthcare it arrived yesterday.

I molded the mask top my face and last night I slept wearing it. Man that is a comfortable mask. IT took very little pressure to achieve a good seal and I was able to sleep much more soundly than I had with either of my other tgwo masks.

Of course the real test is in the long run, but I have high hopes for this mask making my nights, and my sweetie-wife’s nights, more restful.

In other 1980 news I got my new wall decoration today. It is a reprint of the movie poster for Xanadu, reduced to 11 X 17 inches and transferred to canvass. It looks great.

Xanadu is a horribly flawed movie, but one close to my heart. If for no other reason than its core philosophy…