Been busy

Well, I have been away from my blog for a few days as I have been busy.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment with my Ear, Nose, Throat man. Dr Brian Weeks. IF you live in the san Diego region, have health insurance, and need any sort of Ear, Nose, Throat medical help I would highly recommend this doctor. His great at his work and hhe’s also great at talking to you about his work.

I may be having sleep apnea issues so Dr Weeks and I are setting up a sleep study to look into that. I’ll be sure to let everyone know what that is like.

Then I had to mess around with my bank. They got swallowed by a larger bank as part of the whole fun financial fracas and this week I got my new debt card. Worked fine as a credit card, but my pin number failed at ATMs. So it was sitting in the lobby waiting for a ‘banker’ to fix that issue. Finding out it was not fixed and being told that it should be fixed today. Joy

Today I sit around waiting for Fedex as I am expecting a DVD from amazon today.