Board Game Review Last Night On Earth

My sweetie-wife and I are board and card gamers as frequent visitors to this blog are aware and recently we had the chance to play a new boardgame. We have now played three games of Last Night On Earth: The Zombie Game.

The creators of the games certainly know their zombie and horror movie cliches. The game is a contest between the human player(s) and the Zombie player(s). The game can support from 2 to 6 players. The game board has a central section, and four outer boards that make up the playing surface. There are a total of six outer boards in the game, so that creates a number of different board layouts. Players act as heroes, individual characters with special traits and abilities trying to survive a night of Zombie infestation. (In the most basic game victory conditions for the Heroes is to kill 15 Zombies before 15 turns expire. Other scenarios have different victory conditions.) Heroes have the advantages that they can get items and weapons and move faster than the zombies. The Zombies have the advantages of endless numbers and a limited time factor on The heroes.

The game mechanics are fairly straight forward and simple. Combat is risk-like with each side rolling dice and comparing the highest dice to determine the winner of the fight.

The game plays in 60-90 minutes and it is fast paced. I found the play to be exciting and with enough decision points to keep the game from becoming stale or predictable.

If you watch zombie movies and you like boardgames give this a try.