A Change in Comment Policy

I have decided to experiment with a more open comment policy. You will no longer be required to register before posting a comment on this blog. You be required to submit a user name and an email address, but membership in the blog is no longer a requirement.

Let me speak for a moment while we’re on the subject about acceptable comments. I have no problem — in fact I like – diverse opinions. However, I will not tolerate troll-like behavior such as name calling, vicious insulting or other form of commenting that are offensive and crude. Such comments WILL be deleted we I see them and repeated posting of such comments will get that IP address banned form the blog.

For those who would cry that this is an infringement on free Speech, no it is not. You can pay the money, get you own blog, and post whatever you want. There are blogs I read that engage in exactly the sort of postings I do not want here. That’s fine and dandy, but here in this space, with my name attached to it, I will be lord-governor of the content.