A Good Day (Part 3)

As I mentioned before there were plenty of area where no camera were allowed on the tour. Included in those area we the sound recording studios. We visited two sound recording studios.

In the first, and smaller studio, we watched a audio technicians laid tracks for an upcoming episode of the TV show, “Crash“. We stood in the back very quietly watching and listening as track upon track was melded together working towards a final mix. Of course we didn’t see more than a few minutes of the work and that represented a tiny fraction of the work that would be required.

After that we were taken to the Eastwood Sound Studio. It’s named after Clint Eastwood who championed its restoration about a dozen years ago. Beyond film scores — the room will hold a 124 piece orchestra — this studio is a favorite of the music industry. It boasts superior sound qualities and design. The studio itself goes back to the 30’s and it was there that Max Steiner recorded the music for Casablanca.

Tomorrow more on my trip and more pictures, a couple of props from the Prop department and some famous cars preserved on the lot.