Suit shopping

Today we learn how little your host knows about fashion and clothing. (Stop giggling Gail.)
At my day job I have an interview for upper-level training on Friday. This means a panel interview. Oh how I hate that. I never do well with interviews. Anyway, so today my wife got my suit out of the closet to get it cleaned and ready for Friday.
No good, moths or something had gotten at the slacks and eaten holes in the suit. (It was fine just in May when I used it for a friend’s wedding, but oh well.) So we made an emergency run to the Men Fashion Depot where i bought the suit more than three years ago to get a matching set of slack for my jacket.
I know nothing about fashion. I thought go in there with the eaten slack, show them to the girl and I;d be shown which slack I needed.
The slacks I had bought in December are a herring-bone pattern. That is only made in winter and fall. It is not available in summer. Silly me though grey is grey is grey. Nope there is summer grey and there is winter grey.
Luckily they were having a sale and I was able to pick up a new suit — one that even fit better I thought — for not too much money.

Still, it seems silly to me.