For our God is an Ironic God

This was taken from a Yahoo news article about stars and their unusual phobias.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Afraid of Graveyards
Oh, the irony. Sarah Michelle Gellar, the star of TV’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” has a fear of graveyards and admits that she’s had nightmares of being buried alive. Lucky for her, the set-dressing wizards on “Buffy” were able to create phony grave sites so that Gellar never had to shoot in a real cemetery.

I know people who do have a phobia of graveyards and who get creeped out just passing near or through one. (One of our trolley lines in San Diego passes through a graveyard.)
Me? I’ve l always liked graveyard ever since I was a teenager.I spent the summer of ’77 with my sister in the mountains and I used to climb up the hills into this tiny almost forgotten graveyard. I’d sit and read there. It was quite peaceful.