The importance of detachment

About a week and a half ago I was in a spirited debate with a friend of mine about Conspiracy Movies. We had just seen a film that used a conspiracy as a central element of the film and that provoked the debate.
The energy levels of the debate increased when I took the position that The Manchurian Candidate (1962)was NOT a capital ‘C’ Conspiracy film.
On further reflection i realize that I was wrong in my position. Now I will admit that it does not feel like a Conspiracy film to me, but what it feels like and what it is are two different things. For many people the film 28 Days later is a Zombie film, even though the infected are not undead. Based upon the three criteria I outline in an essay on Zombie movies (1-Mindless, 2- communicable 3-Vast Numbers) this was a Zombie movie.
This incident brought to mind for me the importance of detachment in any form of analysis. Because I did not feel that The Manchurian Candidate was a Conspiracy Film like The International for example, I blinded myself to the sound arguments that it was in fact a Conspiracy Film. (Although The Manchurian Candidate is a rare GOOD Conspiracy Film.)
When you are getting emotionally involved in an argument, when it is close to your heart or feeling more than at any other time it is important to step back, draw a breath, and try to be objective.
This, I have learned, and I am sure I will have to re-learn too as I am only human.