Another Reason the GOP is in the wilderness.

There are lots of reasons why the GOP is out in the political wilderness. There’s the war in Iraq which did not go as expected, there’s the wild spending spree, there’s the apparent incompetence  at running the government, and there’s being on the wrong side of social issues as they big to change. All of this has contributed to the downfall of the Republican party from having a lock on the entire government (2005) to being locked out of the government (2009).

Here is an example of another reason why the Republicans have taken the fall, they listen to people like MIchelle Malkin. Ms. Malkin is not part of a lunatic fringe on the right, she is an example of a right-wing commentator, columnist, and frequent talking head on Fox news.

Commenting on her blog here’s is what she had to say about a recently announced deal between pharmaceutical companies and the government.

The drug companies have cut a deal with President Obama to help fund his government health care takeover.

In other words: They are subsidizing their own demise.

I have no sympathy for industries willing to collaborate with their own worst enemies.

Don’t come crying when Obama limits your salaries, fires your CEOs, and interferes with your ability to innovate and make profits.

You deserve what you get:

There is no substantive critique of the deal in this post. There is only the concept that the Administration is the enemy. She doesn’t look at the details or comments on them. She doesn’t consider that the Drug Companies themselves might consider it a good idea.  She doesn’t propose a counter measure that would tackle the problem of low income seniors and access to medication.

Nope it’s you dealt with the enemy, nothing about working the problem at all.  This sort of obstructionism will play to the base, but it isn’t going to play to the public. Calling people names and ignoring problems will leave the GOP in the wilderness for a long long time.

BTW I am not saying this deal was a good one, but I am not calling people traitors and enemies for disagreeing with me.