D-Day 6 June 1944

d-day05For those of us who have never been in combat or in a war it is unimaginable the terror, confusion, and hell that is combat. Today in 1944 nearly 200,000 allied troops participated in the invasion and liberation of Europe.
It is easy today to look back and assume that the downfall of the Nazi reich was an assured thing, but that was something impossible to know on that morning when brave men went ashore under heavy fire.
Today will be a day or cook-outs and family fun, I plan to spend a number of hours with friends playing videos games, but we should also set aside a bit of time to remember the sacrifice of the men who died for freedom. It was truly a heroic thing that set out to and did achieve.


The Trunk is packed

I have finished putting all my old unsold stories and script into the Trunk pages here on my web site. It was quite a trip down memory lane. The oldest surviving story I have on hand is from 1987 and it was a spec script for Star Trek: The Next generation. While it has some warts Is till like the story and I think I did a fair job on it.

I do hope people enjoy the stories for what they are, examples of how a writer evolves over time.