Doctor Murdered

Breaking news today of an abortion providing doctor shot dead while at his church. It’s terribly that there are those who when they feel powerless strike out with violence and vengeance. I expect that for at least the next two years, and maybe longer, we will see an uptick in this sort of right-wing terrorism. I am not saying that because I think the right is more prone to terrorists acts than the left. Eco-terrorists and animal rights activist as engage in terrorist activity to promote there causes. While I do not have the data at my finger tips I would not be surprised to to find that the left-wing terrorist actions spiked from 2000-2006. During that time the congress, both houses, and the executive were controlled by the conservatives. The extremist faction on the left feeling powerless and helpless before their enemies would then become more prone to violent action. I think the same dynamic is at work now, but on the right. the Liberal control the congress, both houses, and the executive. the extremists on the right are going to feel powerless and under attack. That is a recipe for violence. We should not condemn everyone on the right or everyone everyone who feels that abortion is not a right. (That does NOT include me. I feel it is a right protected by the 9th amendment.)