Prop 8 & The California Supreme Court

I can’t say I am surprised by the decision of the California Supreme Court to uphold proposition 8 and revoke the right to marry for gay couples, but I am saddened and concerned that we have to travel down this road.
My personal belief is that it isn’t the government’s business who we marry. I’m a fairly libertarian kind of guy always preferring to live and let live. However, because I want gay people to have fully the same rights I have does not mean I will gnash my teeth and spit venom over this ruling.
The state constitution is unclear what is a revision and what is an amendment. I could see the argument to overturn Prop 8 based on that premise — that it is a revision and not an amendment — but I can also see the weakness in the argument. The argument did not carry the day and now the fight returns to the ballot box. In the end I think the fight will be won by the right side and if the GOP continues to align itself strong with the opposing side then they are in for hard times.
However there is cause for concern. Right now in California any right not already secured and protected by the federal government is subject the whim of the majority. Fifty percent plus one is all it takes to revoke a right in California.
A constitutional republic is supposed to be about protecting the right of the minority and then has been terribly weakened this week.


A Bad Buffy Idea

So there is talk about a Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie.
But wait, I hear you say, there already was a Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie back in 1992 and it sucked.
You are correct. Of course since then there has been a TV show that was produced my Joss Wheadon and showed us the true potential of his vision. (Seasons six and seven excepted of course.)
So maybe you ask, is Joss coming back to make a movie but done right, you know, like with Serenity?


The people who made the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer want to make a reboot. Like with Batman and Star Trek and while they are open to working with Joss, it’s not high on their list of requirements.

I smell the stink already.

A bad Buffy Idea


No work tonight

Despite getting some really good editing idea from the Workshop at Baycon 2009 I am not going to be working on my writing tonight.
The ride home from the day-job turned into an ordeal of pain. The brake-lines on the buss were off and every time the bus topped or remained stopped it sounded like a very loud and badly tuned woodwind instrument.
I had a migraine before I was halfway home.


Late Update from BayCon 2009

Well this day has come to an end and I a still having fun at Baycon 2009. Overall I have been happy with this convention and I a quite happy that I came. (Even with a 9 hour car ride each way.)

Today was primarily a writing sort of day. The first panel was called IRON EDITOR. People brought 2 pages of Manuscript to be edited on the spot. I did this. The Manuscripts were projected on a screen and the panel editors then had at it.

mine did not escape undamaged, but it wasn’t mortally wounded either. It was a very interesting process to watch.
Next was the three hour writer’s workshop. That was very interesting and very helpful. I brought the first chapter of Love and Loyalty to be workshopped. the submission guidelines indicated that if you brought a section of a larger work you should include a synopsis of the larger work.
While the feedback on the chapter was useful, the feedback on the synopsis was invaluable. That was practically worth the trip alone.

I have a slight headache now but I will tour the parties and tomorrow we start our trip home.


Delayed First Post

We got off to a good start not too early nor too late in the morning. A quick stop to buy supplies, dies sodas for me and water for her then a sandwich for my breakfast and we were on the road.
The drive went fairly well for most of the trip. Los Angeles had stop and go traffic, but it would be surprising if that city didn;t slow down our average speed. We stopped near Magic Mountain for our lunch and then over the mountains and down into the central valley.
The Central valley is the sit of California’s great agricultural production. That means mile after mile of farm and ranch. It makes for fast highways and dull scenery. The most exciting part of the scenery were the frequent sighting of signs that read, “Congress Created Dust Bowl.” I’m sure they need to add a word or two to that sentence. Perhaps making it “Congress created THIS Dust Bowl.” It’s all part of recent water wars in the Central Valley.
We arrived at the hotel in good spirits and despite being told otherwise by a gopher we were able to pickup our badges from registration.
We had dinner at a little Philly Cheesesteak place, but that turned out to be a mistake for me. Oh I had them hold the dreaded and dangerous mushrooms from my sandwich, but the sandwich itself seemed to be constructed from concrete. For hours now it has sat there resisting all attempts to be digested like a politician resisting a straight question.
Tomorrow the convention starts in ernest. I hope he doesn’t mind.


Down and safe

10 geek points for the reference in the title.
We have arrived at Baycon 2009. TThere is not free internet in the hotel rooms and I refuse to pay $40 for 4 days of internet access. However there is an internet lounge and it does have free Wifi. Therefore I will make occasional posts from here.


On The Road

This morning my wife and I drive to Baycon 2009. I do not know if I will have internet access from the convention hotel or not. If not I’ll post reports on the convention when we return.
If I don’t see or hear from you people have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend.


Night Of The Screaming Brain

So last night was The Night Of The Screaming Brain.
It started at work when I had a headache generated due to a telephone call. The connection was very bad and with every word spoken there was a burst of static that sounded like celophane being crushed into the mike.
At home the headache got bad enough that I had to retreat from the bright LCD screen of my TV and hide in my darkened bedroom.
By about 10 p.m. the headache departed for parts unknown but I was left with an overactive brain.
Dead tired I tried to sleep but the brain refused to cooperate with me. It kept throwing off ideas and covering the same ground in circles like a blood hound stuck trying to find a scent.
I did finally get some sleep, but not enough. The upside to all this is I think I starting to have an interesting take on a werewolf story.


Literary Saboteur

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