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“This is the voice of World Control…”

For the last five or six years I have been using an iBook made in 2001 as my laptop computer. This little machine is gleaming white and has primarily been used as a writing platform during my breaks at my day job, running gaming software during my D&D game (3.5 thank you very much), and allowing me and my sweetie-wife access to the internet while away at conventions. Given the machine’s coloration and gaming duties when I had to name it for my network the natural choice seemed to be Gandolf. Continue reading “This is the voice of World Control…”


Our science-fictional world.

Two weeks ago researchers UC Berkley reported a breakthrough in understanding human speech, a breakthrough that could someday shatter many of our social conventions. The scientists, studying the patterns with varies subjects’ brains, were able to determine what words the subjects hearing by the brain’s activity alone. It is a small step from there to deciphering the unspoken words thought by a person. The researchers are developing this technology to medically help people with severe brain injury and disease. We could even learn just what is going on in a person who is in a persistent coma state, breaking through to these terribly isolated people. Continue reading Our science-fictional world.


Quick post

Well, today during my lunch hour I took some extra time and had an MRI of my brain performed at my doc’s orders. (He does not feel that there are any serious issues beyond the migraines, but we want to rule out any nasty surprises.)

I started today with a mild headache, after the MRI — yes Brad I know nMRI — I have a severe headache, so severe that even new blu-rays can’t distract me.

Want to experience an MRI without bothering with a pesky doctor? Easy!

First crawl into a discard carpet tube so you’re loaded like a torpedo ready for firing. Make sure your head is exposed, because it goes into an old steel bucket (and just like a real MRI — yeah yeah nMRI– don’t forget your hearing protection). Have someone bring over a tweeting bird that’s just starting a cocaine bender, ’cause for the duration of the event you need the incessant chirping to counterpoint the rest. Now, once your head is fully in the bucket, have your friend go at it with a power-sander to the outside of the bucket. Changing it up every few minutes with whack from a lead pipe and throw in a few alarm klaxons and you’ll have an idea what an MRI is like. Primo for headaches, let me tell you.

I’m off to bed.


Really Interesting Medical News

Scientists have developed a cancer test that can detect free-floating cancer cells in the blood stream. It is sensitive enough to detect individual cancer cells at a ratio of one to one billion.

This is really incredible stuff people. The yahoo article is basic, but once this gets refined and mass produced it will dramatically effect cancer survival rates in my untrained opinion.

I am getting to the age where I think about such things much more often than I used to and news likes this brightens my day.