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Glorious Day!

So I saw my headache doctor today. (To be pedantic, I saw the Physician’s Assistant, but she is sharp and on the ball so I am happy with her work.) The chain migraine were simply unbearable and growing in strength. Soon I would have been missing work at my day job, you know, the one that actually pays the bills.  So I arranged for a few hours off this morning and went for help.

Help I got.

I am current taking three medications to break the wide swath of inflammation that is apparently marching across my the surface of my brain as Nazis did across Europe. One pill combines two medications into a horse pill of operatic size, then there is another medication that I took a lot of today, I will take less on each day that follows until I am taking none by Monday.

This combination is working because for most of today I have been pain free. Of it is glorious to be back. Now, I am tired, my sleep has been disturbed, but man I feel so much better.

Tonight I actually got editing done on Love & Loyalty, a new chapter fully corrected and ready for placement in the final novel. I got more work done on Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, that should be ready for my sweetie-wifes cool corrections by the weekend. AND I got some cool idea put into place for my D&D (3.5 edition) game for this weekend.

All in all, as Boromir is wont to say in extended versions of the films, “Today is a good day.”


Symapthetic Villians

I think one area where I seem to out of step with a lot of fandom is on the subject of Gollum, and just how much sympathy did that character deserve in The Lord Of The Rings. I have heard from numerous people that they view Gollum as a sympathetic character, and like Frodo, they view him with pity. Color me unconvinced.  I’m with Sam on this, he is Slinker and Stinker and neither of those aspects generates much in the way of pity for me.

Those who argue that Gollum deserves pity usually take the tack that fate dealt him a cruel hand by putting the ring in his path, and that the ring perverted him, turning him into the miserable, evil creature that we meet in both the revised The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings.


Let’s take a look at the characters and their interactions with The One Ring. Continue reading Symapthetic Villians


The Big Bang Trip

So on Tuesday this week I worked half a day because I went to Hollywood to watch a live taping of The Big Bang Theory.

I left work about noon, but our plans had changed an I knew we would not be leaving La Jolla where I work any sooner than 1:30, so I took  along lunch at a near by strip club. No, not that kind of strip club. It’s a steak house called The La Jolla Strip Club. It’s a vodka bar and steak house. I had a really bug burger and some tasty fries. Continue reading The Big Bang Trip


The Intersection of Watchmen and The Lord Of The Rings

This past Saturday I picked up the Blu-ray of Watchmen. That evening I watched the film with a friend of mine who had seen it in the theater, but had missed a bit sue to bladder pressures.
This version was the directors cut, nearly half an hour longer and I have to say superior to the theatrical cut.
While we discussed the film I became aware of the thematic intersection between Watchmen and The Lord Of The Rings. Specifically in the characters of Saruman and Adrian Veidt.
Spoiler Alerts….
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