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Been quite the busy bee

Last weekend was Condor XXI, so now one of our local SF conventions is older enough to drink. I, of course, attended the convention as I have for quite a few years now.

Our guest of honor was steampunk author Gail Carriger. I’ve personally know Gail since before her fabulous writing career took off. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her books sell lots of copes and gather up a fandom fairly unique in its nature. (She’s fond of saying her has the best fan I will not debate her wisodom here.)

Friday I was on no panels myself so I got to play around and be totally relaxed. I reconnected with a few friends I see mostly at conventions, and enjoyed the rarest of treats, sleeping in.

The secret masters of programming put me on all media panels this year, but since I ma huge media fan as well as a lit fan and aspiring author, I found not trouble with that.

We discussed the enduring popularity of  Doctor Who, and I put forth the ideas that part of the popularity may rest on two aspects of the show. First, they are not tied to a particular kind of story. They can go dark one week, and silly comedic the next. This gives them a wide range of stories to tell and if you didn’t like what you saw this week, wait it will change. Second, the regenerations, first invented to replace an ailing actor, has created a unique possibility for the show. Each new actor playing the Doctor brings their own spin on it and so the Doctor slightly changes as the actors change. This allows the Doctor to always be a  reflection of the times when it was produced, keep it fresh and connected to the audience.

On Sunday evening my sweetie-wife and I had dinner with Gail and her adorable boyfriend. It was a very pleasant time of good food, good company, and good conversation. The weekend was a rejuvenating experience for your humble host and improved my mood considerably.

I also finished the draft for my current novel in progress. I landed at 116,000 words and I have begun the process of cleaning up the copy before turning it over to afore mentioned sweetie-wife for her eagle eyed proofing.

In addition to all that I have been back working my overtime hours at the day job, and getting a submission ready for rejection at Writers of the Future. It has been a busy busy week, but a good one.



A Very Pleasant Day

No politics, no film this posting but just my life and a generally decent day I have experienced.

After a couple of enjoyable D&D games on Friday and Saturday nights, I awoke on Sunday feeling down right good. As we had planned my sweetie-wife and I instead of our usual walk in Balboa Park or alone the shore, went to Morley Field and played a half round of disc golf.

For those of you not in the know, Disc Golf is like regular golf, but played with specialized throwing discs. The distance to the holes is measure in hundreds of feet not yard, but the basics are the same. Each hole has a par rating and the person with the lowest score, i.e. the fewest number of tossed to place their disc in the target basket, wins.

A couple of friends of mine had introduced me to the game years and years ago. We used to play on weekday afternoons, when the days were long and I could get to the field after work with a reasonable amount of time for play. When I started working in La Jolla until 5 in the afternoon, the games stopped. My bag of discs (because you have driver and putters, not the kind of disc you would play catch with at the beach) has sat in my closet for 5 or 6 years now.

Last weekend my sweetie-wife and I took  our Sunday walk near the Morley Field course and I noticed that Sunday mornings seemed to have a low turnout. That’s when we made the decision to come back this weekend and again play the field.

This morning was not as lightly attended as last Sunday, but I think if we had been just twenty minutes earlier it would have made a large difference in the speed of our play. That said, I had a fun time. My muscle memory seemed to return fairly quickly, and after 9 holes I was just 3 over par. (Though this is not truly fair. At the Morley Field Course it is not uncommon to have decent scores on the front nine utterly destroyed by the terror that is the back nine.)

Afterwards we went to lunch at our favorite lunch spot, Tioli’s Crazy Burger, and then window shopped a bit at the military surplus store. (I will admit to eyeing military trench-coats such as the ones worn by Cpt. Jack Harkness.

The rest fot he day was spent at home and feeling in general that life is good.

Tomorrow it is back to the day job, back to the novel, and back to little sleep, but until then I plan to watch a film (1987’s Robocop), enjoy a little popcorn, and let my relaxation continue.


My Sister-in-Law

Monday morning Juanita Evans, a member of my family for many many years passed away.

Juanita came to our family when she and my brother Lonny married. He was taken too soon from us in 1980 in a act of senseless gun violence and now they are reunited. My heart goes out to their two children, my nephew and niece, smart, talented people.

Juanita was a kind and loving woman of deep faith and though her life was one that witnessed many periods of darkness, she never lost her ability to smile or bring a smile to others. She will be missed.

I live on the other side of the continent from my family, and artifact of my time in the United States Navy, but distance does not diminish the bond of family. I hope she find peace, and love in the presence of the God she believed in.


A real test today

I needed to keep the car today as I had a job interview. After dropping my sweetie-wife off at her job I headed home, fighting enormous hunger pains. I’m trying to be very good about the zero sugar and very little carbs requirements of my new diet and the desire for a McMuffin was nearly irresistible. I decided that more normal breakfast,a very modest thing simply would not do, and stopped off at a supermarket to picked up a small steak so I could have steak and eggs for breakfast. (My favorite breakfast meal.)

I didn’t get the steak but I did get sausage and and made a nice sausage omelet. I managed to shop and get home with giving in to those carbs that were ever so testing my WILL save.

The interview went well and now the waiting begins. You would think that as an aspiring author I would be better at waiting, but I am not.



The ups and downs of job searching

So I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks. Instead of having all the time in the world to write what I have had is a mad search for job openings, lots of forms to fill out, and a dearth of any actual inspiration.

This week is looking promising. I have an interview tomorrow and another on Friday. This Sunday I will host a feedback luncheon for the beta readers of my novel ‘Command & Control.’ There have been positive and negative reviews so far it will interesting to see what happen at the group discussion.



My poor neglected blog

Life has been so topsy turvy of late that I have failed to do any updates to my personal blog. So here’s a quick update of what’s been happening in my life.

Feb 2, Superbowl Sunday, I took a solo trip to Universal Studios Hollywood.This was a blast. Because it was Superbowl sunday the freeways were clear and attendance at the park was light. I never waited very long for shows or rides and I had a wonderful time. I bought a year long pass and  plan two or three more trip during the next twelve months. Hopefully a few with friends.

Feb 3rd was the beginning of the crisis period. I woke with extremely bad stomach cramps and called in sick to work. But mid-morning I knew I was in serious trouble and through my wife arranged to see a doctor. (At this time I feared food poisoning.) The cramps did not go away and I was unable to eat. The doctor’s officer grew concerned and on Weds ordered me to an emergency room as they had been unable to get a diagnostic test approved. (see there are ALWAYS bureaucrats between you and your doctors, they just aren’t always government ones.)

I was scanned at the E.R. and admitted straight into the hospital for surgery the next day to remove my Gall Bladder; the third organ now removed from my original factory specs. (First being tonsils and second being my appendix.) Because I apparently had a nasty infection with the gallstones,  I was on IV antibiotics for a day and half and spent both weds night and thursday night in the hospital. I was released Friday morning with holes in my torso, pain pills prescribed, and an order for a week of rest.

I’ve been watching a LOT of documentaries on Netflix, and Amazon Prime — god damn this is so much better than cable TV — and trying to daily cut down my use of pain meds. The dosage I am prescribed is 1-2 pills every four to six hours, what I have been maintaining is 1 pill every 4-5 hours and today I tried to go without, but I wasn’t ready for that.

Soon I’ll start posting mini reviews of the Documentaries I have been watching.


A busy busy week

The day job has been a real job all week long. Yesterday started out slow, and I even began composing an essay on the latest rewatch in my James Bond adventure (The Man With the Golden Gun,) but a sudden power failure, stole the piece and I have ventured to recreate it yet.

I have finished the first draft of my latest novel ‘Command and Control,” and I have even finished the revision pass, but I discovered that there were scenes needed that I had neglected to write. So I’m doing what they call in Hollywood, pick-ups. Writing those scenes, smoothing them out, and editing them into the piece so the story will flow properly. I expect to have that done by the middle of next week and then I’ll turn it over to my sweetiw-wife for her proofread pass. After that, Beta readers!

I had a really rough day today. Lots of work at the day job. People making the work harder than it needed to me. The bleeding air conditioning came on and by afternoon I was freezing with my toes colder that Captain America down for a nap. Luckiyl things turned for the better when I got home.

I sold a short story to an electronic online magazine, Encounters. My story, Proof of Principle, if all goes well, will appear in the next issue due out Feb 1. It was only a token payment, but as I really loved this story I am so very happy to share it with a real readership.


thats all for now.





Welcome to 2013 goodbye to 2012

Today was my first day job day back at the desk and so I can safely say that the new year has begun. Strangely New Year’s Day didn’t feel all that different to me yesterday. I stayed at home and relaxed, my sweetie-wife did some shopping and we played a couple of games. (Star Trek The Original Series: the Deck Building Game & Dominion, but fun games.)

I look back at 2012 and see that I achieved all my writing goals. Stories submitted to at least three pro-level publications, entered all four quarters of Writers of The Future, and completed the first draft of my latest novel. (That one was down to the wire with a Dec 28th final session.) Once the novel was completed in its first draft I relaxed and planned on no more writing for about a month.

My plan is to read the novels I have purchased, but have laid around on my Nook unread. In fact I have read two books already, Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint by Nancy Kress it is craft book on writing and it is very good. Also I finished reading last night, Zombie Movies  by Glenn Kay and encyclopedia of zombie movies from the 1930’s through about 2004. For novels I am currently reading The Apocalypse Codex by Charles Stross, and after that I have Snuff by Terry Pratchett, A Summer of Night by Dan Simmons and Quantum Coin by E.C. Myers.

Somewhere in the middle of all that I will start writing again about Feb, working on my next entry for the Writers of the Future, and then start revising Command & Control.After all that? Well, write another book.



Welcome to post 1000

This is post number 1000, and being human I thought I’d celebrate this pointless achievement.

I’ve had this blog for just over 1200 days, starting it way back in May of 2007 2009. So I am averaging a post every 1.24 days or so. The posts have generated 1040 comments, so I am averaging just north of a comment per post. Nearly all from three core commenters, and then a smattering from others.

129 posts have been marked with the ‘politics’ tags, so I don’t appear the be a one trick pony, though politics will always be an interest if mine.

Movies in general are tagged 197 and 95 tags for Sunday Night Movies.

There has been a whopping 91,926 attempts to post spam as comments. Given that this blog is really a low traffic sight, primarily read by family and friends, I found the amount of spam truly staggering. Luckily the plug0in Askimet handles the filtering duties with real effectiveness and power.

When I started this blog I had hopes of breaking into novel publishing, and while that did not occur as quickly as I would have wished, it remains a steadfast goal that I will achieve with the love of support of my sweetie-wife and close friends.

Here’s hope that the next three years will continue to see growth and publication.