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A new link in my sidebar.

So over there on the right side of the page you’ll see I added a link to the website, Darths and Droids. It is a web comic satirizing Star Wars as a loosely run RPG.

This web comic is not for everyone, but man I have found it hilarious. I was pointed towards it by my long time gaming buddy Tom. (not my brother Tom, or my nephew Tommy, or my brother-in-law Thom, or even my other gaming buddy Tom.)

If you have done a lot of RPGs, and I mean table top not on a computer screen, and have endured the Star Wars prequels, then this web comic is likely to hit your sweet spot. This fictional RPG game actually make much more sense than the prequels ever have.

If you decide to give it a spin it really is best to go to the archives and start from the beginning. I did and in two days I burned my way to current.



Sunday Night at the Theater: The Rocky Horror Show

So last night I went to the Old Globe theater in Balboa Park to watch their production of The Rocky Horror Show. Now from earlier posts you may know that I was into Rocky when I was younger and I still have many fond memories of those days and nights. (Mostly nights, mostly.) This however was the first time I have gotten to see a stage production of the play.

The photograph to your left was taken from my seat and as you can surmise it was not a particularly good seat. (I got quite spoiled when I went saw The Tempest earlier in the summer and I was front row center.) The ticket I bought by way of Groupon and while I save more than have the cost, just look at that view. LUckily not all the seats in the balcony were sold and tan Usherette named Sue was kind enough to let me switch to some better seating.

This was certainly a fun night out for myself. (MY sweetie-wife declined going as the published reviews indicated a lot of audience participation and that was an aspect she did not care for.)

The play started with a video projected on the scrim you see in the picture, a montage of shots from various low budget SF films while two characters (Usher and Usherette) sang the opening song, Science-Fiction Double Feature. Not one shot was from any of the film mentioned in the song, something I chalked up to rights issues.

The play moved along quickly, though there was little of the feared audience participation. I suspect that near the start of the run the die-hard Rocky fans were there and did their thang, but now with the run ending November 6th less enthusiastic crowds were seeing the production. There was one bit from the audience  that was rather fun.

During the play Brad Majors by way of a video screen spies his fiance Janet Weiss having sex with Rocky the creation. In this production this was accomplished by a projected video in full silhouette  of the indiscretion mentioned above. Very racy yet without showing a thing in terms of flesh. (which neatly sums up the whole production style.) Anyway, Brad, angry and hurt, switches off the video and a voice rang out from the Audience “Hey! I wast watching that!” The actor playing Brad, his back to the audience  stays that way, gripping the prop console quite firmly. It was clear he was fighting the urge to laugh. After several moments he turned around, in character but it was a good moment of humor.

There were many moments when the ‘4th wall’ was breached, usually by an ad-lib from the actor playing Frank-N-Furter.

All in all a lively and fun production.



Moday Morning Mirth

I had to take my sweetie-wife into the hospital for an exam so I’ve got a few hours at home to kill this morning and no Sunday Night Movie to post about. (I went to bed early.)

I saw this over at Andrew Sullivan’s blog and just had to share…