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Chicon 7 – Day 2

So day two of the convention started with the now typical backache, but on the plus side my sweetie-wife and I had a very pleasant breakfast with a person whom I had only known as an on line poster.

There is a forum for people writing and submitting to the Writers of the Future contest and quite a few of us were attending Chicon 7. I had hoped to breakfast with two of them, but we failed to make the connection with one and so it was just three of us at the breakfast buffet. Still, it was very nice to put a face and voice to the posts and we had a lovely conversation before the start of another busy day. Continue reading Chicon 7 – Day 2


Presidential Campaign Songs

This is a bit of a kerfuffle over the songs used by the various republican candidates for president.  Mostly the liberal songwriters aren’t happy with their songs being used by conservative politicians, and that is of course their right, both as citizens and copyright holders.

My problem that these self-selected songs rarely capture for me the true sprit of each candidate, Here are my suggestions for the right campaign songs, with the You Tube clips since none are very modern. Continue reading Presidential Campaign Songs