Welcome to the internet home of science-fiction and horror author, Robert Mitchell Evans. Please feel free to poke around and look in all the rooms. I have posts and commentaries here on SF, Horror, and all sorts of subjects.

Let me give you the nickel tour so you’ll know you’re way around the place.

Home is where you’ll find my blog posts and you’re welcome to comment just be polite. I will delete offensive comments and I an the sole judge of what is offense. (Ain’t the internet grand?)


Contact is self explanatory and it’s not a plug for Sagan’s book.

Please feel free to peruse the links along the right-hand side of this page. They should give you a feel for my eclectic tastes in reading and in politics.

The designer of the free WordPress theme I have used for this blog can be found at the bottom and the page and I tip my hat to the lovely look he has created.


Literary Saboteur

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