A Very Pleasant Weekend

The nation is suffering the grips of a nasty flu season and that fact certainly impacted this weekend local SF convention, Condor. Staff and attendance were below regular levels due to the illnesses sweeping the county. That said, the people putting together and running the convention overcame these challenges and I, for one, had a wonderful time at the con.

As you may have seen from my Thursday post I was assigned at a lot of panels and man was that fun. I interacted with a lot of smart, sharp, and engaging co-panelists on a wide variety of topics. All the discussions were spirited without devolving into arguments. The audiences for the panels were engaged, offering up good comments and questions.

I want to give my deepest thanks to the programmers for letting me participate in sop many panels, it was tremendous fun, and to everyone who came and participated in the convention. I look forward with great anticipation to Condor 26 next year.