Quick Impressions

I took a day off from work yesterday staying home and giving my knees a chance to recover. While I was home I watched the French Language movie Elle. It is a controversial movie from Paul Verhoeven about a business-woman who is attacked and raped in her home by a masked assailant. The title character is cold, hard and keep peoples at a distance, making it hard for the audience to sympathize with her situation. I’ll admit that I lost most of my connection to her when at one point in the movie she has a car accident on a wooded road. She calls her best friend, voicemail; she calls her best friends husband with whom she is having an affair more voicemail; then she calls her rapist. (By this point in the film is has discovered his identity.) Not calling emergency services and calling her attacker simply broke the film for me.


We appear to be getting a bit of order in the White House. I do not think it will last. The saying goes that a leopard can’t change his spots and Trump thrives on chaos, it will return. Where the Russian thing I have no idea but once a special counsel has been empowered, as it has, there’s no telling where you will end up. I think this is far from over.


It’s really humid here in San Diego. It’s like mother nature is prepping me for the vacation to Florida later this month. When I climbed out of my air-conditioned car at work this morning I truly regretted not getting the anti-fog coating for my eye glasses, that said I am still looking forward to the trip.