This is a word that is so often abused; intolerable. The strict definition is something which can not be tolerated, but all too often it is used as something is that terrible but still endured. However occasionally something comes along that I think truly encompasses that meaning of intolerable.

Clearly the citizens of the 13 colonies felt that further political union with the British Empire had become intolerable and severed those ties.

The citizens of the Tsar found the war, the starvation, and the corruption intolerable and removed the tyrant, only to replace him with another.

It will remain t be see if the modern GOP can foresee that throwing 24 million or more people off their insurance is a situation that will be intolerable.

The political atmosphere has changed. A majority of American now consider having healthcare, not merely the ability to buy it, but actual healthcare, for all citizens a good thing. The old status quo is no more. Pay note that the current leader of the GOP is making promise after promise, empty ones to be sure but all of his are, to make everyone’s insurance better, to make no cuts of Medicare or Medicaid while his conspirators do the exact opposite. Should the Senate follow the House, and that is something well within the possibility because elected Republicans fear not the general electorate but only the primary voters, then 2018 election could be one in which millions of people have found that they, or someone they know, has been tossed onto the hard rocks of the uninsured by the GOP eternal quest for tax cuts.

Can anyone look on that and honestly think it will remain business as usual for the election?

In my view there are only three core issues that the modern GOP truly care about and will move heaven and earth to achieve; Tax cutting, Abortion, and Gun Rights. Healthcare has never been one of their priorities but now after eight years of beating the war drums over the hated ‘Obamacare’ and lying about the law they have painted themselves into a corner, caught between a changing general electorate and the pitchfork armed primary voters. If any of those three core issues matter to you they I think you should work very hard to stop this madness, because if 24 million or more are tossed off to fend for themselves in this environment the devastation to the GOP and to your issues will be massive.

The situation will be truly intolerable and those that created it will not be tolerated.