A Tax Compromise Suggestion

I have no illusions. No one in the halls of power reads my blog and even if they did this idea, because it is a compromise, would be declared DOA because it gives something to each side and the idea of that is alien in today’s political environment. However I will continue to lay the ideas as they occur to me.

Conservative have long decried the injustice of the ‘double taxation’ when a corporation pays taxes on its profits and then when the shareholders par taxes on their incomes. You know I would be perfectly willing to give corporations a zero income status on their profits, provided that the corporation met a few basic criteria.

1) Employ more than 100 people. (To avoid people trying turn themselves into corporation merely to avoid taxes.)

2) That 80% of the employees workers are directly employed by the corporation (Not contractors or any similar dodge).

3) That 80% of the employees are represented by an independent Union.

If a corporation did that I’d not shed a tear over their profits being tax free. Mind you the shareholders still pay their taxes and in my perfect world capital and labor pay the same tax rates.

When I find time I’ll write up my compromise solution to guns in America. It too will make no one happy.