The Wave appears to be building.

The aggregate of the generic party preference polls has the Republican Party leading the Democratic Party by over 5 points. (There a lot of buzz on the ‘net today from right leaning blog about the 10 point lead in the Gallop polls, but I trust aggregate polling much more than any single pollster.)

Given that there is not about two months to the election, there’s not a lot of time for thing to change, unless it is change for the worse for the Democratic hopes.)

I have no sat down and looked at the senate races in detail — that is close examination of the number race by race — so I will hew to my feeling that the Senatorial Hill is going to be a much tougher climb than the House, but certainly by no mean impossible.

If the trends lines continue my Right-leaning friends will certainly be celebrating come November, but winning is the easy part. Actually taking a hand to solve the very serious problems our country is in is much much harder.


4 thoughts on “The Wave appears to be building.”

  1. I waas actually afraid of this, but not for the reasons one might think.

    Although I am definitely left-leaning, I have no objections to true fiscal responsibility. I simply haven’t seen it from the Republicans. My worry is that the econmy started very, very bad before Pres. Obama took office and any reasonable projections indicated that it would get worse (significantly) befroe it got better. This has happened. Now, even though for at least the first yeaer of his presidency, the president was merely trying to clean up the mess left from the previous administration, President Obama and the Democratic party are taking heat for not fixing things fast enough. Hello?? It is much easier to tear down than it is to rebuild. Be fair.

    Anyway, I was concerned that President Obama would not get the chance to really govern. And it looks like that might happen. Pity.

    1. Ahem, the Democratic party has had majority control of BOTH houses of Congress since the election of 2006. Obama isn’t on the chopping block this year, it’s Congressional Democrats who are. They have had the power, so now they have to face the music.

      Should the Democrats take any responsibility for the economy for the last four years? Is the fact the economy is still stuck at 9%+ unemployment due to Bush? Or is recovery being disrupted by the Democratic Party’s mad ambitions to remake America?

      1. Of course the Democrats share responsibility for the current fiscal mess. Why is unemployment stuck at 9%. Well, if have a fool proof answer to that one you further along in the economic sciences than any mortal man. I do not think any truly understand how a macro-economy works. We have some basic principles, but it’s still mostly guess work in my opinion. neither party has budged from their traditional answers. republicans want tax cuts — in good time and in bad, and democrats want spending — in good time and bad.

  2. The House of Representatives has the power of the purse. So the next two years should be very interesting.

    Of course repeal of some of the dumber parts of the Obama Agenda such as the “health reform” fiasco will require control of the U.S. Senate and the Presidency in addition to control of the HOR. And a lot can happen between now and 2013.

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