The Wave appears to be building.

The aggregate of the generic party preference polls has the Republican Party leading the Democratic Party by over 5 points. (There a lot of buzz on the ‘net today from right leaning blog about the 10 point lead in the Gallop polls, but I trust aggregate polling much more than any single pollster.)

Given that there is not about two months to the election, there’s not a lot of time for thing to change, unless it is change for the worse for the Democratic hopes.)

I have no sat down and looked at the senate races in detail — that is close examination of the number race by race — so I will hew to my feeling that the Senatorial Hill is going to be a much tougher climb than the House, but certainly by no mean impossible.

If the trends lines continue my Right-leaning friends will certainly be celebrating come November, but winning is the easy part. Actually taking a hand to solve the very serious problems our country is in is much much harder.