A devastating campaign ad.

Without commenting on how I feel about either of these two Senatorial candidates, I have to say that this ad is exquisitely  damaging like a prison shiv between the ribs.

Using the opponents voice from his audio book is a masterful stroke.

Again please do not infer a position from myself between these two candidates, I am in awe of the skill of the ad, not in the positions of either of these men.


3 thoughts on “A devastating campaign ad.”

    1. I suspect McCain will survive, but he’s certainly having to fight for it this time.
      Yes that was a cool video. Thanks for the link.

  1. On a side conversation, what do you think of what one of Heinlein’s characters brought up about immigration way back when? Do you remember the female president? Who was learning Spanglish? “The fence wasn’t working, so I took it down.” “I am not going to spend my term as president running for re-election.” While I can’t see it actually happening, it is sort of fun to think about.

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