No Fear

The title of this post is a play on Andrew Sullivan’s ‘Know Fear’ when posting about Sarah Palin.
Sullivan is quite concerned — putting it mildly — that Sarah Palin is going to run for, and win the republican nomination for President. He obsessed on her since the half-term governor was selected for McCain’s running mate.
This week, with Sullivan on vacation, there has been a minor explosion of Palin news as her daughter and estranged boyfriend announced that they were a couple again and planning to wed.
I have no interest in Bristol Palin’s personal life. She’s profiting well from her notoriety I do not blame her in the least. Grab the money while you can. She’s not robbing, scamming, or stealing from anyone so I really don’t care.
However I expect that when Sullivan returns there may be several posts about Levi Johnson — the boyfriend — and that his silence has been bought.
You see Levi had made a series of scathing attacks on Sarah Palin while he was estranged from Bristol and his child by Bristol. Sullivan, blinded by his obsession, (And that’s the problem with obsession it always blinds you) just ate up all the hints and stories Levi told.
Family fights can be nasty brutish affairs full of lies and distortions from all corners and only a fool gets involved in on if he does not have to.
Now, with Levi’s retractions, Sullivan is looking even more foolish on the Palin-front. (He’s also been obsessing on the Trig is not Palin’s son conspiracy. I reject that theory. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and there is no proof there.)

Sullivan can be an engaging and thought writer, but on Plain he’s as fear struck as the those running around screaming socialist at everything Obama does.

I have no fear of Sarah Palin. I have no expectation she will run — as I have mentioned in earlier posts — I have no expectation that if she did run she would win. She is an entertainer who has found her niche and will grow rich from her audience.