Sneezing injuries are less than funny

It’s strange just how much my side hurts from the freaking sneeze injury. It’s worse that every time I sneeze I seem to re-damage the damn muscle. At this rate I will never recover.

Can you herniate a muscle with a sneeze?

I sneezed twice at work and boy you should have seen every suddenly looking at me. I nearly fell out of my chair with the pain.

However on the plus side my oral surgeon says my mouth is doing well and that it looks quite good from only one week out from the extractions.

I started the work up on version 1.5 of Cawdor. I’m not getting as much done per day right now because my day job is taking up CPU cycles from my writing time, but that special project ends on Thursday and then I can dive full speed into the 1.5 edits.

I have stumbled on a great resource for writers. Kristen Nelson, literary agent to Gail Carriger and others,  has posted on her site a number of query letters from clients. These are the actual query letters that got her attention enough to ask for submissions from these writers.

Kristen goes through most of the letters and tells you point by point why it worked for her. This is really really cool. Only the internet could bring resources like this to unpublished writers. You should google Pub Rants and follow her blog.