Westercon Update #3

Here it is sunday morning and the last day of the convention. I’ve had a blast and I am exiting the convention energized and motivated.
I started yesterday with a two hour ‘workshop’ with literary agent Ashley Grayson. I put workshop in quote because in the schedule it’s billed as a workshop, but it reality it was Ashley Grayson giving us the benefit of his knowledge about what works and doesn’t work in writing with tips on how to get to what works.
From there I went to a panel on the basics of writing. Nothing there I did not already know, but the panelists were the draw, the room was packed, and it was a lively discussion.
After that my friend Brad and I went to the presentation, ‘riding rockets’ by one of the engineers and flight crew for Xcor’s rocket plane. Very informative and entertaining. By 2013 Xcor hopes to be competing with Virgin Galactic for sub-orbital rides for paying passengers.
The final panel of the day was a bit of a surprise. It was on Global Warming, and while both points of view (Man-made vs unknown causes) were present in the room the discussion did not devolve into bitter verbal fights or political point scoring.)
After the dinner break my sweetie-wife, Brad, and myself played the game “Are you a werewolf’ for the first time. That was a lot of fun, then it was the usual parties and then bed.