Westercon 63 Update #2

From the lobby of the hotel:
Last night went pretty well. There was an evening panel on remakes and are they needed anymore. The sole panelist had quite a bit to say on the history of remakes in hollywood and how it has changed over the years.
His final answer were that remakes are not required anymore. (There was a time when film copies were routinely destroyed and remakes were seen as the only way to tell the story again. all pre-TV of course.)
After the panel I toured parties had a few good conversations before turning in for the night.
I rose early this morning, I’ve spent about an hour and half editing on Cawdor.
Now it’s time for day three of the convention.


One thought on “Westercon 63 Update #2”

  1. re. – remakes. To me, it depends on if the original was well made or not. I saw the black and white original (admitedly B movie) “Little Shop of Horrors” with Jack Nicholson. Not a great flick at all. But the musical remake? LOVE it!! I also saw the original (half) of “the Lord of the Rings” by Bakshi and “The Return of the King” by Rankin-Bass (both animated). They didn’t work. The remake is (as the Academy Awards the last film won demonstrates) amazing. (I would like for tne remake of “The Hobbit” to occur quite soon if possible. I would like to see a good version of this. I didn’t care for the animation quality, or lack thereof, in the Rankin-Bass version.) I suppose, it matters whether or not the new director/other production people have anything new to say. Look how many times “Dracula” has been remade (just “Dracula”, not all the other vampire films.) Each one brought something to the story that wasn’t in the previous ones. Isn’t that the real (artistic) point of remakes? (Of course, the real point is to make money.)

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