Westercon 63 Update #1

We do seem to have an internet connection, but it is a bit on the iffy side so I can not be assured of being able to do daily updates.

Today was a pretty good day. Oh the first Panel I went to was a bust. Turned out it was about painting and drawing not writing. I can not paint or draw and new media vs old media in that fight has no meaning to me.
Next I went to “Is Manned Space Travel Gone Forever?” It was a pretty well attended panel, with lively panelists. A panel on the SF movies of 2009 veered wildly off topic — I know, shocking — but still proved to be entertaining. One of the panelists reported that he had interviewed John Frankenhammer director of ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ and that the director totally viewed that classic film as a work of SF.

The best panel of the day was two panelists, Tim Powers and Harry Turtledove, on if history was a help or a hindrance to plotting. These two men riffed together and the room was packed and everyone was entertained.

I saw my first plastered panel at the end of the day. Okay, they weren’t plastered but they both brought scotch to the panel and drank as they discussed horror and taboos.

The day is done, one last panel to attend and then parties.