An end to the month

Well, I have pretty much recovered from my oral surgery and the fun that it was. I went back to work today, ate pretty much normally, and in general returned to my life.

I have started on Cawdor version 1.5. There will be a few changes and alteration to the manuscript and then I’ll be handing it over to my sweetie wife for copy-editing before it goes to my beat readers. (Gosh, I guess I gotta find some beta readers.)

This ends a perfect month of posting everyday. Go team me!

I may not start of July so strongly. Tomorrow I drive to LA for Westercon and if there is no internet connection I will not be updating over the long holiday weekend.


2 thoughts on “An end to the month”

  1. I don’t know how many readers that you’ll find if you have to give them a beating first 🙂

    1. Beat Readers could mean that they beat me. I’ve seen the comments before remember.

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