A Mixed Karma Day

Today Karma was decidedly mixed.

The first two hours of work were less than fun. I answer phones for a living, helping patients get access to medications. These patient do not always speak English. When they don’t we use a language line and the services of a translator. These calls are by their nature longer and more difficult, but they are also fairly rare. I can go a week or two without a single foreign-language call.

Two hours into my shift and 5/9’s of my calls were foreign language calls. Sigh. At least they were all patients I could help and whose lives are now going to be better than they were before.

The next swing was up when my new nasal mask for my CPAP therapy arrived and by a miracle it was the make and model I ordered. (And the right size.) I had a double whammy of good shipping karma when my blu-ray of the 1980 Flash Gordon arrived as well. Man that looks stunning in 1080p. Silly story, weak leading cast, but gorgeous design, and a wonderful supporting cast.

My karma took a hit when traffic turned nasty towards the end of the day and I knew I would have to take the slow route home over the all freeway route. It got worse when I got a call 4 minutes before end of shift and it was yet another foreign-language call. So with nasty traffic before me I was twenty minutes late leaving.

It is just over 2.3 miles from my work down Genesee blvd to the freeway I would be using. It took more than forty-five minutes to travel those 2.3 miles. I was very late picking up my sweetie-wife from her work.

Still the new mask seems much more comfortable, the blu-ray looks and sounds great, and tomorrow I get a poster of my favorite movie to hang in my office, so it’s not all bad is it?

Oh and I’m ready to edit another three chapters of Cawdor. Certainly this first draft will be finished within two weeks I think.