Sadly, an unproductive day

I did not get very many words down for Cawdor today. I can usually get about and hour and a half of writing completed at my day job between my two 15 minutes breaks and my hour lunch. Toasdy I got some writing done during my hour of lunch.

The first 15 minute break was entirely taken up by arguing on the telephone with Apria Healthcare. If you ever have a need for Durable Medical Equipment and have the option of anyone other than Apria, take it. Under no circumstances should you deal with Apria if you have a choice. I do not have a choice and so I am stuck. (Though in the future for small purchases I may just skip my insurance and buy the crap myself. Amazon is much better than Apria.)

The second 15 minute break was consumed with my Arthritis doctor and the appointment for tomorrow that they suddenly canceled.

In addition to all that, I had a horrid time getting to sleep Sunday night.

I am a stomach sleeper. I much prefer going to sleep on my belly, but now that I use a CPAP machine it would be better if I slept on my back, I can go to sleep on my back, but it’s a longer and tougher road to travel.

Last night I laid in bed on my back determined to stay on my back until I fell asleep. I started at 10:45 and about 11 pm I could feel myself actually transitioning to sleep. The phone rang. Of course with a mask on and a chin strap[ holding my jaw closed I could not be the one to answer it. My sweetie-wife did only to find it was a spanish language wrong number. People if you are going to use the phone late make damn sure you know the right number.

My decent in sleep disturbed, I had to start the whole process over again. I did not get to sleep until after midnight I think, and the morning came way way too soon.