Rashomon in REM

So the other night I was back to using my nasal pillows, trying to find the right fit so that my therapy would work to best effect.
Anyway, here the sequence of events from my point of view.
My sweetie-wife wakes me up in the night and tells me that my mask is loose and blowing air. I reach up, check and find that the nasal pillows are in place and not leaking. I groggily tell her everything is fine and go back to sleep.
Here’s the sequence of events from her point of view:
My mask is loose and blowing sir. She wakes me and tells me this. I adjust and re-fit my mask, then I check it again and tell her that it’s fine.

Seems I am completely capable of resetting my mask and not being awake enough to remember it.

On a good news front, it does look like version one of Cawdor will be finished this month.