This CPAP thing is getting kind of rough

So, I got a new CPAP machine last week. This one — the exact same model as my last one — is covered by the insurance because it came through their vendor. Since I was changing machines and vendors I thought I might switch masks as well.

I had been using what are called nasal pillows. As you can see it is a very minimal mask system. It’s light and when I tried it in the hospital during the study it seemed to work for me.

Alas at home i didn’t work out so well. I toss and turn a lot in my sleep and the nasal pillows would shift and move, breaking the seal and then jetting air outside my nose. I would also wake up to find the nasal pillow in my hand. I had taken them off in my sleep. No good.

So I switched to a nasal mask.This thing has two straps coming off the forehead piece, two more that come off the bottom of the mask making for a very secure fit. I was fairly confident that this maks would not slip as easily as the nasal pillows.

It doesn’t. However it seems in my sleep I do find it uncomfortable. I have awakened in the night, or had my sweetie-wife wake and tell me, to find the mask off and discarded. Last night it only happened once so I happy about that, but it’s a problem that is proving tough to lick.

I will have to lick it. Not only is sleep apena very dangerous to your health, I really really like the way I feel when I have gotten a good night’s sleep.


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  1. Yeah… they fitted me with a full face version, which I’m on my second mask for. It’s helped me, especially in that sandra actually gets sleep now…

    but yeah, the straps require fiddling constantly. My face seems to shift shape from night to night…

  2. You will have to fiddle with the strap adjustment. Too tight and you will end up with sore and bleeding gums. Too loose and you end up with lots of air leaks. Try running your hose down your torso a bit. It will help keep the mask in place without excessive strap tightening. When you get the straps right (and hose placement), you will find that the mask will seal to your face within about 20 minutes. It is because the skin under the seal will sweat just a little and cause a seal (which is why you need to clean the mask on a regular basis). Also, with masks you get what you pay for. Ray and I use a fairly pricy gel nasal mask but it is well worth it in comfort and seal.


      1. Online. It’s

        ComfortGel Original Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear
        Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

        Ray and I have been using them for years. You boil them to make them fit your face.


        1. ahh my nasal mask if from the same company but a couple of grades down. (no gel insert)

  3. This is going to sound odd (and may not be appropriate, as I don’t ahve direct experience with CPAP masks) but have you considered putting a thin layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around the edges of the mask to assist with the seal? I have found this useful in similar circumstances.

  4. The nasal mask is what I’ve been using for a number of years now. There are a number of mask types, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the one that is just right.

    1. I welcome any assistance you can give me. I love how i feel when I’ve slept properly but last night was the worst. Leaks all night long and frustration trying to solve them.

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