Food poisoning

So it seems that last week I was suffering from food poisoning. A friend of mine who had gone with us to JPL’s open house had the same symptoms over the same period of time. In some ways he had it worse because he was vomiting but my symptoms persisted longer. (Perhaps because on the ENbrel medication I am on for arthritis.)

Anyway yesterday was the first day I could eat without stomach cramps. (Though tonight I did have mild cramping after a dinner of fish.)

It has cost me a weeks writing, but I got back onto my horse today and Cawdor is moving forward again.


One thought on “Food poisoning”

  1. Arthur had the stomach thing and it was quite scary. Because he had a fever (that Tylenol only helped with somewhat), I made him go to the doctor. The doctor stated it could either be food poisoning (though he felt the vomiting would have been more extensive, had it been so) or a virus and recommended the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast). That combined with gradually introduced Gatoraid (1-2 oz. every 10 minutes), went a long way to helping symptoms and eventually resolved the matter. Should you ever be so unfortunate as to have this agian, I recommend it. I will say Arthur was thourourghly sick of the food, though.

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