Movie Review: Iron Man 2

Sunday morning, my sweetie-wife and I went out and saw the first showing of Iron Man 2. I think this may have been the first time my sweetie-wife has gone with me to see a Superhero flick.

A few weeks ago she started expressing an interest in Iron Man 2 and I pulled out the blu-ray of Iron Man to catch her up on the franchise.

Iron Man 2 is a worth sequel to the first film. It’s based on the premise What Happens If Iron Man existed?

This generates a number of plot line and that sheer multitude of plot lines has gotten this movie compared to Spider Man 3.  This is an unjust comparison. Spider Man 3 suffered from a throw the kitchen sink approach to plot construction. It showed that a lot of writers had their hand in the mix and the results was a hodge-podge of story ideas, unlinked thematically , and without any focus.

This is not the case with Iron Man 2. All the plot lines in this movie makes sense in the context of What If Iron Man suddenly existed? Would other governments try to make their own? Check. Would our government try to take for their needs? Check. Would old enemies begrudge Tony Stark’s fame and public adoration? Check. Are there perhaps side-effects to the suit and its power source on the wearer?

It seems like the kitchen sink but the plot lines are all linked and support each other.

This film is filled with wonderful performances. Robert Downey Jr is again pitch perfect for Tony Stark. We get a glimpse of the man who might get dragged down into ‘Demon in a Bottle.’ If the producers decide to go there.

Samuel L Jackson makes a great Nick Fury — though there are some purists out there I am sure upset over the race issue. It doesn’t bather me. The man’s a great actor and the character wasn’t built white except out of racism and laziness of the times.

A man whose performance certain needs to be called out as great was Sam Rockwell. Sam has continued to impress me with his range and amazing talent as an actor. I think few people are going to laud his performance in this film because it is not hugh and over the top, but that would have been wrong. Sam plays Justin Hammer so perfectly that I understood this character instantly. It was  a magical transformation for a really talented actor.

Do see this film. See it in the theater. It deserves it.


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