Sleeping is nice

So, Thursday night I checked into Alvarado Hospital for the second night of my sleep study. This time I was fitted with what are called nasal pillows, then wired up for anothe nights of data gathering.

Nasa pillows is an alternative to the nose and face masks used by many CPAP users. A small hose goes to your nose and sort of like oxygen in a hospital you has vents blowing directly into each nostril. I found this setup much more comfortable than either if the mask arrangements.

I had a splitting headache so I did not work in the hospital that night and instead watched TV until it was time to sleep. (I was so brain dead that I found myself actually watching Futurama.)

The numerous leads for the data bothered me again so I did not sleep through the night, but other then that I slept rather well and the next day I was actually refreshed. My coworkers were able to see a difference in my energy levels.

Sadly I am back to normal now. It’s been two nights without a CPAP machine and I am tried and groggy during the day. I won;t be seeing my sleep specialist until Mid-May so it’s going to be a long two weeks.


3 thoughts on “Sleeping is nice”

  1. The wheels of bureaucracy grind exceedingly slow and exceedingly fine. The wait is worth it (I know!)

    1. Nope that was the fast movement. Before my ENT Dr interceded they were going to schedule me for mid June.

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