A Milestone – late

32 years late to be precise.

Most people in America get their driver’s license when they are sixteen. For all sorts of reasons far too numerous to go into here I did not.

I have never had a driver’s license . Many learner’s permits, but something always interceded and prevented me for completing the plans at time for getting my license.

Today I had my frist road driving test ever, at the age of 48.

My examiner was an older gentleman  who appeared utterly bored by the process. He quizzed me on the car and its equipment. (I failed to find the defroster right away but in San Diego they are harder commonly used pieces of equipment.)

Then we buckled up and hit the road in the Clairemont area of San Diego, This is an area where I used to live and know many of the streets.

The test was shorter than I expected. Frankly I spent more time waiting in a roasting car for my turn to be tested than in getting tested. I did not perform perfectly, but long story short, I passed.

Be terrified I am now a licensed driver.

My sweetie-wife reported that the DMV building seemed to be shaking while I was on the road. I guess me being licensed is truly unnatural.

Tomorrow night I do sleep study tests 2: The Sequel.


5 thoughts on “A Milestone – late”

  1. Well, now you can drive to Reno. It’s only ten hours. Just make sure it’s her car and the A/C runs full blast.


      1. I really can’t imagine you playing a lot of German heavy metal so your music choices will probably annoy your wife more than me. I can put up with Olivia Newton John. Now, if you go with twangy country, I think the other three people in the car will spend enough time to get their stories straight about what happened to you 🙂


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