Cawdor is going shockingly fast

I’m rounding on 200 pages or about 50,000 words done on the first draft of Cawdor and that when massive hits to my productivity due to bad sleep and headaches. I am on track to complete a first draft version by mid June and that will be simply astounding to me.

The plot has decided to deviate from scripted outline, but that is no cause for concern or panic. An outline is just a guide, showing me where I want to end up, if it turns out that Route 66 is more exciting than Route 8, but both get me where I need to be than there’s nothing wrong with Route 66.

What had started off as a re-intrepretation of Macbeth has now become an exploration in paternalism and the cynicism of the viewpoint. The book actually now has villains beside the Macbeth analogs. It’s quite a turn but one I am very interested in and very excited to explore.