One of the joys of writing

Today i experienced one of the joys of writing and that is the moment of epiphany.

Writing can be like laboring across an unknown landscape, trying to find shelter during a storm with only the vaguest ideas of where the inn is actually located.

If you are an organic writer you set out looking for the inn without even a map or any idea which direction is lays. I am an organized writer, i.e. one who writes from an outline. This helps, it’s like having a crude hand-drawn map and a compass to held you, but it is still dark and rainy.

A moment of epiphany is like a sudden lightning strike that illuminates the countryside, revealing the road to the inn. It’s that moment when not only does the solution come to you for a problem, sometimes a problem you didn’t even know was there, but the greater shape of the story is enriched by the answer.

I had such a moment today riding the bus and it required such a small change it hardly amounted to a paragraph, but the tone improved so much I was awestruck by it.

truly one of the joys of writing.