For whatever reason I am utterly exhausted tonight. (Could be why I am going in for  a sleep study in a little over a week.)

Anyway I did watch a Sunday Night Movie and I will write it up tomorrow.

See you kiddies on the other side of the terminator.


I found it.

So I found the comparison chart I had seen a week or two on Health care reform. It shows just how similar the current – and just passed — Health Care reform package is to the one proposed by the Republicans in 1993 as a counter to the Clinton Health care Proposal. What was an acceptable Republican Proposal in 1993 turns out to have been nothing more than naked socialism!

(OR the Republicans were on a mission to had Obama a defeat — which is sound ¬†strategy is you win — and nothing Obama could have done would have won him Republican votes.)

Here’s the link to the original article.

The chart follows after the break.

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