Political Monsters

So, off the top of my head here are some correlations between select politicians and the D&D monster that best represent. This is list is for from exhaustive.

Bill Clinton: Come on this was a gimme, a Satyr. Nothign else fits this horny old goat.

Hillary Clinton: A harpy.

Sarah Palin: No doubt about it in my eyes, a Succubus. All charm and deception while she bleed you dry.

Barack Obama: A Rakshasa The shaping changing tiger that is smart, charming, and deadly. You never know exactly who he is cause he’s never in he real form.

Joe Biden: His’s the Gnome.

more when I think of them.


6 thoughts on “Political Monsters”

  1. Would you really classify Sarah Palin as “charming”? Charming in a “didn’t pass highschool geography” sort of way?

    I think the closest version of charming would be Tina Faye’s version.

  2. Re. – Gingrich as a Dwarf – No. Dwarfs are somewhat solitary in the sense that they generally keep to other dwarfs and they are also somewhat likeable. I never found Gingrich likeable.

  3. Would Jimmy Carter be a Ranger? How about Nixon as an neutral evil wizard? Al Gore as a misguided Druid? Monica Lewinsky as a houri?

  4. May I suggest: Newt Gingrich (this guy bugged me quite a bit) the Dwarf with the drinking problem (capt beergut from Inn Fighting..)

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